DILUBE corporate policy has always been characterised by giving priority to quality, both in the manufacture of its products, and also the management of the company, always maintaining the utmost respect for the environment. In this sense, DILUBE products are recognised and approved by leading laboratories and global institutions, and have passed the most demanding of quality and industry certifications.

Thus DILUBE, S.A. has ISO 9001 certification, proving that the company meets the most stringent requirements in terms of the research, development, manufacture and distribution of their products.

Furthermore, DILUBE has committed to developing products for the most demanding markets such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food, obtaining NSF certification for some products aimed at these sectors. These products are also formulated with elements approved by the FDA, and the manufacturing process complies with GMP standards. DILUBE manufactures products provided via REACH.

DILUBE collaborates with textiles companies wishing to obtain OEKO-TEX certification.